Fra  Gottfried M. Wolff




Grant, Mother of all goodness,

that we, your servants, be filled with hope.


Strengthen us in the difficulties 

and trials ahead;

keep us faithful in your service.

Renew our sacred , timeless commitment

to follow Christ.


With you as guide, may we serve you,

and our brothers and sisters, with love.

And at the end, be our gateway

to unending life.


  May our Lady protect us and guide us 

on the way of life.



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The Friar is a disciple of Christ, who lives together with others and awaits His return!

Religious Life is Christianity in the form of celibacy, obedience and poverty. We must emphasise that the Lord is the beloved, and in Him, the Father and the Spirit. The Lord, the Father and the Spirit are loved to the extent that they come before all else - ego, riches, everything prized by human beings.

Charisms of the Order

Sentinels of the Kingdom

Religious life manifests Christianity in the form of a celibate, common life. The Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata defines this as "an anticipation of life in that definitive world" which is the Kingdom. The emphasis and recovery of the eschatological character of this choice of life is fundamental to the formation of Servites.

 Companions of the Lowly

Servites radicalize and make prophetic this central aspect of the common Christian experience to the extent that one could say that the witness of fraternal communion is the "primary service" we offer to the world. And we do this with the humility which is characteristic of Servites