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The Order Servants of Mary (the Order) expresses great sorrow for those situations whereby children and vulnerable adults have suffered the harm of sexual abuse because of the actions of members of the Order and the neglect of leadership in responding adequately to those situations when they were known. 


We recognise the consequences of such harm are deep and enduring and for many, undermine their ability to live life with joy and hope. We acknowledge, with great sadness, the harm represents a serious breach of trust on the part of the Order.


We extend our profound apology for the pain and distress caused to any child or vulnerable adult because of the harmful actions of our members and for any failure by the Order to respond with belief, action and compassion.  


To those who suffered, you did nothing wrong and we are sorry.


For those who suffered the harm of sexual abuse as a child or as a vulnerable adult because of the actions of our members, we invite you to contact the Order so support may be offered.  The Order is committed to working with you to properly redress the pain you have endured. 

The Servite Response offers a redress option which can be accessed via a tab on this website.  

Sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults is an abhorrent crime wherever, whenever and by whomever it is perpetrated.  We strongly encourage anyone who has allegations of sexual abuse against any officials connected to the Order, clergy or otherwise, to report these matters to the police.

The Order endeavours to approach the dignity of each person, most especially children and vulnerable adults with respect and integrity. The Order is working to introduce effective child safe practices and policies, to protect all children and vulnerable adults in the care of the Order with the commitment to prevent any harm being caused in the future.

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