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1 July 2020


Father Peter Porteous of The Order Servants of Mary, known as the Servite Order, confirmed that on 19 June 2020 the Servite Order informed the government of its decision to join the National Redress Scheme. 

In doing so, the Servite Order confirmed that it fully supports the National Redress Scheme and the government in addressing the needs of victims of sexual abuse.

In addition to joining the National Redress Scheme, the Servite Order wants to and is doing more for those who have suffered at the hands of the Order. 

Father Peter Porteous today announced a new reparation scheme by the Servite Order – The Servite Response – which as a scheme will expand and build upon the work that is being done by the National Redress Scheme.  

Father Peter said, “The Servite Order again acknowledges the harm done to people who suffered sexual abuse whilst in the care of the Order.  We have and will continue to apologise for our serious breach of trust and the hurt caused to people who had the right to expect so much more from us.  On behalf of the Order I say to those who suffered; you did nothing wrong.  Whilst nothing can remove this hurt and pain, the Order wants to and is committed to doing all it can to assist those who have suffered.  The Servite Response is an additional response on the part of the Order to victims of child sexual abuse.

By joining the National Redress Scheme now, after having developed our own scheme, gives all our victims a real choice as to how they wish to proceed with forms of redress.  All victims can now choose to opt for either the National Redress Scheme or The Servite Response.”

The Servite Response was created for the purpose of promoting healing for victims of sexual abuse by offering long term support, including counselling support, a direct personal response and monetary reparation.

The Servite Response seeks to be mindful of victims and the trauma they have suffered.  It offers an additional process that is fair, compassionate and dignified, within a timeframe that will not further traumatise victims. 


Authorised by Father Peter Porteous, Provincial Delegate, Servite Order Australia

Contact Information: Hayley on email: or phone 0435 673 238

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