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Servite College has long been an icon of education in the Tuart Hill, Osborne Park area. It was opened in February 1958, originally an all-boys regional school named after the great Servite Saint, Philip Benizi. Since 1973 it has grown as a co-educational institution.

The Servite Friars have a strong commitment to the College. We have always felt that within the College we have a unique opportunity to promote Christian and Catholic values, with the specific orientation that comes from our almost 800 year old traditions.





What is it that makes Servite College different from other schools? First and foremost we believe it is its special Servite spirit towards life and faith. This spirit is traceable right back to the Seven Holy Founders, the small group of men who began the Servite Order in Florence in the 13th century. They came together to share everything and to serve God and others. Mary the Mother of Jesus was their refuge and strength.

So, to this day, Servite College believes that it is a community of faith, where we work and study not as so many individuals, but by supporting each other. Servite College encourages both their staff and students to a pervading attitude of service, adopting the words of Jesus: "I have come not to be served but to serve." Finally, we draw abiding inspiration from Mary, Mother and Servant of the Lord. With these ideals, Servite College continually moves forward, ever committing its work to God."


We who live by the Servite spirit will be compassionate servants

who are aware and operative in creating a caring community.

We model our growth in life and faith upon the Servite charism.

Led by the example of the Seven Holy Founders, we seek to be disciples,

with Mary, Mother and Servant of the Lord.

We embrace life with its many opportunities to build a community

based on living Gospel values.

As pilgrims, prophets and peacemakers on life's journey we serve by our faith in action.

We oppose those forces which destroy, oppress and dehumanise.

Living fully, becoming all we were created to become,

we acknowledge and celebrate our unique gifts.

God has created us as unique beings and we strive to

become all that we were created to become.

We celebrate one another in our Christian, Catholic, Servite Community.


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